November 1, 2019

Interviewed Arvid Kahl of Feedback Panda


For my 3rd interview, I had a guest who aligned with the very core of both the podcast's and Alchemist Camp's audience of Elixir developers!

@arvidkahl was the technical half of a two person team that bootstrapped a SaaS written in the tech stack I teach from 0 to 55k MMR and then an successful acquisition in two years. I've had good feedback from all of my interviews, but this time it was overwhelming! Multiple Alchemist Camp customers emailed me about it, someone else shared it on a subreddit I don't follow and the average watch time on YouTube is over 10 minutes.

I think there were a few keys to setting up this interview and then it being such a success.

  • Arvid and I had previously argued (amicably) about how much time to invest in devops for an indiehack. This was a great entry point into talking about the startup.
  • I've already got a decent luck surface area when it comes to the Elixir dev world because I've been producing educational resources for almost two years.
  • Feedback Panda also had a large luck surface area on IH, due to Arvid's partner Danielle interviewing on the huge IH podcast. That's a major reason they were on my radar.
  • Due to chance, the company Arvid and Danielle built targeted the one market I know better than any other in the world.
  • Seeing this great opportunity, I leapt at it right away!

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