October 25, 2020

After about 3 months break, we are regaining focus

Romeo Onisim @romeoonisim

Hey there Indie Hacker,

As you read the title, me with Rares and Marcel we took a bit of a break from developing Code News and investing time and money to make it grow.

There were a couple of changes in our personal lives that retain us from focusing more time on our side-project like getting married, moving places, ect.

But now we are regainng focus again and it FEELS SO GOOD! We are having weekly meetings and plan different features but we want to focus more on developing the iOS app and marketing in order to truly gain more users.

As for the stats, we stand at around 8.7k MAU and 400DAU with a revenue increase of about 35$ per month from Google Ads and also from the Remove Ads/Premium Subscription from the App.