November 26, 2019

Uploaded my first full production video on YouTube

Jessica Chan @thecodercoder

One of my goals for Coder Coder was to work together with my husband, a professional video editor/animator, to create high quality coding tutorial videos. We finally published our first video, a roadmap for beginners to web development! The making of it from writing the script to hitting publish on YouTube was probably 3-4 weeks, and it involved lights, green screens, and lots of animations in After Effect.

The reception to this video has been awesome! I posted about it on my Instagram and Twitter accounts, and people have loved it. I was around 2,000 subs on YouTube before this, but after uploading I'm almost to 3,000 subs, and the video has gotten nearly 2,000 views (which is huge for my channel esp after just a couple days).

The hope is to rinse and repeat this, and create more coding videos consistently in the future. Growing on YouTube is going to be a big focus for 2020.

(If you'd like to check out the video:

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