Alpha Released!

I'm super excited to announce that I've developed CoderNotes to the point that it's ready to be tested by people besides myself!

Lessons learned:

1) Build less than the minimum.
Right now, I'm missing features like deleting and editing. But I have the main reason someone would use the product, and that's good enough.

2) Spend as little time building it as possible.
Now that I can get real feedback, I'm even more motivated to work on it. Plus, I'll get a real good idea of how much people like the product.

3) Finding the right people is a challenge.
In an alpha, the app isn't ready for the whole world. Ideally, you'd find early adopters who want the product so bad that they don't care it crashes half of the time. However, I've found that it takes a lot of effort to find those people. Because of that, I don't have as many alpha users as I'd like.

On the last point, how do you all go about finding early adopters? Should I be more focused on cold outreach?

(P.S. If you'd be interested in trying out CoderNotes, send me an email and we can see if you'd be a good fit! Alternatively, if you'd rather wait for a more refined beta, you can sign up at the link above.)

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