Released the podcast and landing page!

Today, the codernotes beta landing page is officially open! I'm excited to feel like it's at a place where I'm ready to show it off.

Super thanks to Landen.co to allow me to just focus on the copy instead of the design of the page. I am definitely a happy customer and highly recommend them to anyone here who is trying to rapidly create a high-quality landing page.

Here's the landing page, check it out!

I've also started a founder podcast - the first episode is finally released and on spotify! Apple/iTunes will be coming shortly. If you are as obsessed with these kind of podcasts as I am, here's another one where I will be building CoderNotes in public, and sharing the highs and lows.


If you have any questions about landing pages, podcast recording/hosting, or general feedback about CoderNotes, I'd love to hear it!

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