The first "strangers" are using CoderNotes!

Big milestone today, strangers are using codernotes.io :)

I just finished a major UI redesign using Adam Wathan's TailwindUI, and I'm happy to say that it's ready to share with some early adopters!

The first CoderNotes commit was Febrary 6th, which means that I was able to build the core product in one day short of a month. I'm super proud of that, especially since my last product took 8 months of development, and I never even released it!

The big takeaway is to release as early as possible. Getting feedback is critical, and it's so easy for us as developers to work in our little box and not expose our products to the world.

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    Hey Kevin, looks great, our company doesn't like code comments so much (and truthfully some of them, like wip's, todo's, or best pracgices, are necessary but at the same time can become disrupting) so I'm looking to try this personally and if it works well I'd be happy to recommend it.

    Just signed up for the beta 👍

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      Sent you an email! Thanks YuanHao!

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    If any IndieHackers would be interested in trying out codernotes.io in the Alpha, send me an email at [email protected]! I'm still looking for more feedback to shape the direction of this product!

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      the page takes too long to load :)

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        Mind checking again? It gets a 99/100 score in Lighthouse, so it may have been your internet connection or a temporary issue :)

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          Yep, I think now its good, probably due to cache!

          It's alright

          1. 1

            Thanks for checking and letting me know in case it was an issue with the site!

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    dang that theme is slick, really liking the colors
    side note your faq spinners could rotate on the same axis

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      Hah, thanks but the landing page is actually made with a code generator. Check out landen.co, I can't recommend it enough.

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