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We started to enable anyone to build, backtest, and run automated trading strategies.

Automate Your Cryptocurrency Trading

Retrospective: is for traders

I've constantly come across traders who have brilliant ideas but struggle to find a way to test and verify how it works in the current market. What usually happens is, they would spend a huge amount of money for a developer to build a custom bot.

There are a couple of issues with this.

Automated trading is an ongoing activity. You always have to tweak and fine tune your strategy to fit the current market conditions. You can't just hire developers to create a custom bot and let it run on the markets forever.

Second, you can never be sure that your strategy is executed 100% accurate to how you envisioned it.

We built to help traders make their strategies come alive on their own, without any need for external developers.

Retrospective: is for developers

Running automated trading strategies for the past couple of years, I often found myself getting distracted by each new feature I wanted to add. I'd learn about a certain trading technique and I'd add that. I'd learn about another new thing and I'd add that.

Whenever someone asked me what my strategy was, I'd have to spend quite a significant amount of time digging through the codebase just to understand the big picture.

Trying out a different strategy was out of the question. All the logic was tightly coupled that I was unable to try anything outside of the frankenstein strategy I created.

We built to address this problem. We want to help developers focus on what matters in the world of automated trading: their market strategy.

Started working on began as a tool to run automated trading strategies with the cryptocurrency market.

We started to enable anyone to build, backtest, and run automated trading strategies.