September 1, 2019

Launched to first customer


CommunityRoot was initially created to help a single, nationwide after school program. After a successful first year, I began to (slowly) sell CommunityRoot to other programs throughout the country. Without really knowing it, I did a few things right and a few things wrong. CommunityRoot thus far, has been a side project.

Top 2 things I did right:

  1. Solve a problem for a single customer first.
  2. Iterate based on feedback. I built a lot of CommunityRoot while actually in the office of my first customer. Having that sounding board eliminated nearly all the assumptions many other founders make.

Top 2 things I did wrong:

  1. Didn't really have a plan for how I'd scale-ably get more customers. At an average of about $100/month, it's just not scalable to have outbound sales.
  2. I knew nothing about the time about onboarding, building delightful product/user experiences. Because of that, new users need a huge amount of hand-holding in the early days. With the current price-point, it's just not scalable.

More updates to follow.

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