September 4, 2019

Featured in the GitHub Student Developer Pack

Gergely Sinka @sige

We have partnered with GitHub Education and made a massive campaign together launching the 2019 Student Pack. By giving out ConfigCat Professional plan (49€/month) for free for students.
We're even featured on the official GitHub blog and social media channels.

It's a huge leap in traffic from 1.5K to 5K /month and lots of new registrations. And what I'm really proud of is that the infrastructure has proven itself and handled it like a charm.

Received lots of positive feedback from actual users and now I believe more strongly that it worth putting all the energy and money it this project.

I still can't believe this is actually happening. And we're on the way learning how to build a company from the ground up. Super exciting times!

One take away from here is you shouldn't over-complicate stuff just start building and you will learn everything on the way. It's okay if you are not shooting for the next big thing there is place on the market for you if you put your heart and soul into it.

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