December 2, 2019

Started Development

Thom Allen @thom801

We started developing Console Plus as a SaaS product. Our plan is to get a beta release out to users in coming months, but to get at least 50 people signed up for the beta before we launch the beta release and open it up to users.

We so far can pull in all the data from Search Console and display it however we want, but more work needs to be done in interviewing customers and then deciding on features to build into the beta.

Ben and I are very good at building things with code. We've both been devs for over 10 years. I also have been doing design part-time for most of my career so I do all the design work. Development is definitely the least of our worries in terms of making this project a success, we're lucky to have two strong devs as co-founders in that regard. Our biggest issue is going to be getting the word out and finding our first 100 users.

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