April 7, 2020

First paying subscriber!!!

Alexander Kluge @naii

I followed up and I reached out and BOOOM… I got my 1st paying subscriber. Only 199 missing - yeah! :)

It was the result of mixed advice:

  • „build that relationship first and then ask them what they want”
  • „Remember to follow-up, follow-up and follow-up!”

I like when these kinds of cumulative effects happen. And as you know the first follower is the most important one when starting a „movement”. :)


  1. 2

    Great Work! Did you reach out/follow up personally to people who subscribed to your email list?

    1. 1

      Hey ShortMan443, yes, I did reach out/follow up personally to people who have subscribed to my email list and to those who have not been subscribed.

      In fact, the person who then paid was originally not on my list but is someone I’ve been in contact with for more than 1 year and I delivered something of value to their company before, see here because they liked the result: https://twitter.com/ubernauten/status/1149282210492637185?s=21

      So, it’s about the relationship that you have and build up over time.

      How is your business or project going?

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