An idea not to be thrown away

With the lock-down in full effect for almost a month because of the pandemic, I started looking forward to the events in my Calendar. I wanted to how long is the wait time for the events.

I searched through iOS App Store and found many Countdown apps. But all of them had one thing in common, they all started with a empty page. I had to add the event and then know the wait time.

For a person who practices DRY so much in code, it doesn't make sense to have my events in multiple apps, let alone just for the purpose of Countdown. Hence, I decided to make my first iOS app - Countdown. It will show countdown for all events in your calendar. That's it.

On the spur of the moment, I spent $99 to enroll in the Apple Developer Program and I thought it will be a good way to hold myself accountable, if I let this idea also slip away as many of the other app ideas I have let go in the past. My procrastinating and pessimistic self kept telling it is a trivial amount and my app would not be useful for anyone but I kept working.

My target is to ship it in four weeks. Let's see how that goes.

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