July 1, 2020

Crossed $12k in sales - Prelaunch

swyx @swyx

Together with my initial sales ($4k) and endorsement sales (~$4k) and then followon sales I was hovering at around $9k. With the 3 tiers sorted out, I sent a prelaunch discount to my mailing list of about 700 people and pretty soon another $3k today, taking me to $12k!

Now i have to actually launch the thing successfully.

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    Woot woot! Loving these updates.

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Today's Top Milestones
  • Added Stripe integration
    One of the most tedious tasks when setting up a new project is to implement the whole payment flow and subscription management. Especially for a SaaS
  • Finally open source 👐
    everypage has always promised to be open source and today we are finally delivering on this 💃🕺 https://github.com/kibalabs/everypage Go ahead and gi
  • 250 signups and first paying customer!
    3 days after my launch on PH and making it to the 5th product of the day, Job Description AI passed 250 signups and I had my first paying customer. Fe
  • Introducing the SaaS Resources Dashboard
    Customers who bought Serverless SaaS will gain access to the new "resources" dashboard. This place will hold all the links to resources related to the
  • Come up with idea
    For me, as a developer, finding an interesting idea has always been challenging. I believe everyone's productivity related to the type of project they
  • Launched new transaction platform
    After about 2 months of re-structuring the website to shift from virtual shows to a vehicle transaction platform, I 'finally' soft-launched the new fe
  • Published a plugin for Bubble.io
    The no-code movement is real and inspiring a lot more people to build and create the websites and apps of tomorrow. So, naturally, we made a Bubble.io
  • Social image generator for public pages
    This is a small thing, but one that I hope will create more inbound interest and signups. Today I shipped custom open graph images for all public page
  • 2020 In Review
    Despite the lack of travel, or maybe because of it, 2020 was a busy and productive year. We added over 100 new collectible stamps, stickers, and badge
  • Experimental Drop
    I've coded something. I announced it's imminent arrival on twitter. https://twitter.com/Kamphey/status/1353818498607181824 3 people said they'd be the