July 3, 2020

Launched my book, #5 on HN, $25k lifetime sales

swyx @swyx

I finally launched! It took me a day to recover from the all nighter I pulled going into the launch but I blogged about my process here: https://dev.to/swyx/lessons-and-regrets-from-my-25000-launch-3aaa

Since i'm now using Stripe you can see my stripe verified revenue here on my IH profile.

I had a lot of small little tactical lessons learned but honestly i dont think I did anything unusual. just followed standard launch advice everybody says. I will confess honestly was hoping for a 40-80k launch, but i think I was comparing first week or first month or lifetime numbers to my day 1 numbers so idk where this ranks. anyway its not a competition.

AMA, of course :)

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