November 14, 2019

50 Newsletter Subscribers – Road to 100 Subs

Philipp Temmel @philipptemmel

So on November 5 I have wrote a new milestone about reaching 40 Newsletter Subscribers for Creativerly. Since then some stuff happened.

I posted on Indie Hackers about my journey to 100 newsletter subscribers. The post done well, with 6 likes and 15 comments in total. It is my most engaged posting on Indie Hackers so far. Part of the posting was my strategy on how I want to achieve my goal of reaching 100 Newsletter Subscribers. But I also asked the community, what things have worked for them for gaining new subscribers. Thankfully @AndrewKamphey and @pauldmet came up with some great suggestions and insights. I could clearly figure out what my next steps should be and how I would be possible to reach my goal.

I also submitted the newsletter to Inbox Stash a site where you can discover newsletters. Funny coincidence: @pauldmet is the founder of Inbox Stash and added my newsletter to the site. I tried to engage with people on LinkedIn through different design/creativity/productivity related groups, and well it worked out great. Just a few minutes ago I also received an email from a fellow Indie Hacker who shared my newsletter in a Facebook Group. Over the whole month of October I have gained 10 new subscribers. I just worked on the tips and tricks from @AndrewKamphey and @pauldmet and reached again 10 new subscribers within a week. I am pretty sure if I spend a good amount of time per day on reaching out to potential subscribers on LinkedIn, Twitter and per Email that I will reach my goal of 100 new subscribers pretty fast.

This feels amazing since I really want to build something for the awesome creative community and also pay back. Also for the first time ever, I think I am onto something with my side-projects. I will keep you updated here and also on my blog here: Philipp Temmel's Blog

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