November 26, 2019

60 Newsletter subscribers - Road to 100 Subs

Philipp Temmel @philipptemmel

Over the last two weeks I did not found the time to fully focus on gaining new subscribers for my weekly digest Creativerly. I had to focus on my full-time job and get things done.

Nevertheless I am extremely happy about the fact, that although I wasn't actively reaching out to potential subscribers, I have now reached 60 newsletter subscribers in total. So I am still making progress. Also I am recently getting a lot of really nice feedback about the content of the newsletter. People are reaching out to me on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. This is a really great feeling and much appreciated.

Since holidays are near I am currently working on a workflow I could use to quickly promote my newsletter. I am still trying things out to see what is actually working and what is not. When I am done with that I will give you an update here.

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