October 24, 2019

Bought domain + Carrd - Launched Landing Page

Philipp Temmel @philipptemmel

I am a big fan of the no-code movement. Since I am a designer and have very little notion of programming, tools like carrd.co come in very handy for me.

Last weekend I sat down and worked a bit on my weekly newsletter, Creativerly. First I decided to move the whole project to its own domain. So I used Namecheap to buy my new domain. Namecheap has some crazy good prices for .xyz domains for the first year (I paid 1,17€ for one year now, after that the renewal cost is around 11€).

At that time I already played around a lot with carrd.co since I had a free account. Because I wanted to use my own domain and some other features, I decided to finally upgrade to a Pro Plan (I bought the Pro Standard Plan which costs 19$ per year, yes per year😍). It literally took me minutes to set everything up, build my landing page, connect my domain and publish everything. It was incredibly fun building this and I am more than happy, that I now have a simple landing page for people who are interested in my newsletter.

I love the fact that there are so many makers out there who built tools which help people like me, to just build and create what they want. Carrd made it really simple to quickly set up a landing page and for 19$ a year that is a crazy good value.

Check out the landing page down below, feedback is always very welcomed! 🥰

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