December 11, 2019

New Landing Page – Updated Design

Philipp Temmel @philipptemmel

Hey fellow Indie Hackers!

I recently shipped a new design for the landing page of Creativerly. I have built it using by @ajlkn. It is so fun and easy to use, that you literally can set up your website in minutes. The Illustrations I have used are from icons8. With a free license you can use them in your projects for free as long you give credit. But there are also extended licenses which you can buy.

For those of you that do not know

Creativerly is a weekly newsletter about tools & resources, which boost your creativity and productivity. Combined with useful insights, articles, and learnings from the fields of design and tech, this newsletter was built for the creative community.

So what is new in this update?

The first Landing Page I have designed for Creativerly was very minimalistic and straight-forward. But for now I wanted to play around with a different layout, new typography, some illustrations, but also I wanted to work on the copywriting, since I think this is a very important part if I want to catch potential subscribers of my weekly newsletter.

The only thing I am not happy about is the way I have displayed the archive. It is just a long list. Maybe some carrd wizards know a work-around how it would look nicer. I would like to create a dropdown menu structured with months, so can expand a month and then see all the newsletters I have sent out in that month. Not sure if this is possible in carrd or only with code, but I will definitely look into this.

Curious what you think about the Landing Page. 😊

Just let me know!

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