October 2, 2019

12 prelaunch leads in a day!


Hey Guys,

Yesterday, I wrote that we got published on DZone.

But then... we got featured on the DZone's main page !!!

Our article was read by 12,000+ users by now. We got got 101 referral users.

And we got 12 prelaunch leads yesterday (10 from DZone and 2 from organics).

This was the highest number of the leads we got ever. 💥

You won't believe me, but yesterday we had a chat with @Nazar488 and I said I expected to get 10 prelaunch leads from DZone.

Now we know we should boost our content marketing for sure...

That's what I'm going to work on today and the next few days.

Have a productive day,

If you haven't seen the article, check it here

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