October 9, 2019

38 keywords are in Google Search already


I'd like to follow our progress in content marketing with some SEO stats.
Today I checked our Google webmaster's panel and saw that we have 38 keywords in Google's index.

The good news is almost all those keywords are relevant. We mostly cover deployment automation and automated deployments topics.

The bad news is our average position is 65. I like this number much more than 120, but either way it means we are not getting much traffic from Google.

Since we updated website and posted 2 articles on the blog, this is a good result. As I wrote earlier we have some more guest posts and blog articles coming.

SEO takes time and our plan is quite simple - just do the work.

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      Thank you for your support!

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    Congrats Max! As you said, SEO takes a lot of time and you start to see your efforts compound over the long run. As you build up content and referring domains, Google will often recrawl articles and they can move their way up the rankings!

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