August 21, 2019

Launched Facebook and Twitter Ads


Hey folks,

Yesterday we launched Facebook and Twitter Ads.
Guess what!
We got 2 leads from Twitter Ads.

We have 3 different adgroup with different targeting and $20 daily budget each. So we spent $60 yesterday and got 2 leads that came from one adgroup.

We also spent $31 on Facebook Ads got 8 clicks and 0 leads.

Yesterday we received a valuable feedback from @Gredo and plan to discuss it with @Nazar488 today.

Looks like our landing page does not describe our product in way it should. So we are thinking to improve our graphics and texts.

I plan to leave Facebook and Twitter Ads alone and let it work for a while.

Did any of you try any paid💰 channel? Let's discuss in comments!

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    I've just started using Facebook ads too and though I realise I've a super low day-spend I was sort of hoping for... more? You can generate hundreds of clicks by posting on something like Reddit or HN, but only get a click for £2? Seems like it's not the best tool, maybe for me at least. Glad you've found some success with Twitter :)

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      We have clicks for $5-6. But cost per click means nothing. The cost per conversion is the key.
      That's why we are working on our landing page, trying to improve the images and texts.

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        Don't focus too much on improving it before having had 100+ visitors at minimum.
        Best to do 5 in-person interviews at first so that you really get the low-hanging fruit right. But doing micro-optimisation on 10 visitors makes statistically no sense.

        A cost/click above £1 is quite expensive for FB, more something for LinkedIn, but still expensive. I'd recommend looking at your:

        • campaign objective (focus on traffic)
        • ad placement (only place in feed on FB)
        • do desktop only if you expect most conversions to happen on desktop
        • have at least 2 ad groups with different audiences
        • have at least 2 ads with different text + copy / ad group
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          Hi Ruben,

          Thanks for your recommendations.
          My objective is Landing page views, which is better than just clicks.
          35% of our subscriptions came from mobile, so I decided to keep it for a while.
          I decided to test all placements for a start.
          I have 6 creatives per each of 3 ad adgroups

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    I've tried Facebook ads and Reddit ads for landing pages.

    Reddit ads were worth it, but you need to have a "Reddit-friendly" copy like "Hey Reddit, I'm working on this project to solve this problem, I need feedback blabla..."

    Facebook didn't work on cold audience for SaaS, but worked like magic on retargeting (from a pixel I had with a 30k+ audience on a related website).

    I also sell an eBook about programming on a blog with great SEO ( 6-10k visits a month) and retargeting on Facebook is great. The problem is, your audience is limited by your pixel's data. With 10k+ visits on the blog per month, I have ~2k people on the pixel because of adblockers, uBlock etc.

    Advertising is a really complicated subject, and I'm always learning about it.
    Here is a great blog post by the way:

    How did you target your Facebook and Twitter audience?

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      Hi Kevin,

      I created a document with out Personas (target audience). It includes the list of problems they are trying to solve, etc.

      Based on that I formed 3 different adgroups:


      • people who work as developer
      • people interested in Java programming
      • people interested in DevOps


      • followers of @java @javadev and similar
      • follower of @devops and similar
      • keyword "deployment" and similar
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        Couple questions.

        • Are these AND conditions or OR conditions on the Facebook audiences?
        • From your other comment, I'm not sure that the gender filter really adds anything.
        • Why Java? Just as an arbitrary language?

        What I find interesting, is that at an org that's going to use this, you really need to be getting this in front of the team leads/architects/devOps/SREs of large polygot systems. Small organizations aren't going to be needing to consolidate the build system UIs because they only have 1 build system. And that's optimistically assuming they have one in the first place.

        I'm thinking of cases like HEB/Favor or Expedia/HomeAway where a larger and older company bought a smaller and lighter one. Almost certainly they are both going to be on different build systems/stacks/etc, and that's who I feel like you are looking for.

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          Hi Anthony,

          It is like this:
          people who work as developer AND male AND 25-45 AND US,UK,CA

          Our product is also designed not only for enterprise but also for small and medium teams of developers and even indie developers.

          My colleague @Nazar488 can add more

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            Are you using Work > Industries > X or a Job Title search?

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              Job Title.
              Industries are not good. There are developers working in Logistics industry and may need our tool.

              Any advice?

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                I agree with Job Title. Which job titles are you searching for currently?

                You also want to consider that the developer might not be who you have trouble winning. You need to convince the developer's boss to pay, right? That might be a Director/VP of Eng in a large company or a CTO in a small one.

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                  Many developers have their own side projects. Developers are the main users of DeployPlace.
                  In many cases it works just like you wrote - developer goes to his boss and shows the tool which can improve productivity. This is how we see it.
                  That's why we target them.

                  I've chosen everything with developer there: .NEt, JAva, Lead, Senior, etc. There were not many.

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                    Did you target software engineers, site reliability engineers, software architects, and data scientists? Even ignoring higher up titles.

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                      There were around 5-6 relevant positions. I didb't target data science and other who I believe are not relevant.

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        All right thanks for your answer.
        Did you target specific countries / age on Facebook?

        I noticed that Tier 1 countries converts the most both for SaaS and Ebooks !

        Btw I'm in your audience in both case, I'm a Python / Java dev interested in devops :)


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          Oh yes. Thanks for asking. I completely forgot about that.
          I target US, Canada and UK only.
          Males 25-45 only.
          That's it.

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    I've tried Facebook, Twitter and Google Ads. Facebook was a bit of a waste of time, got no hits to the site from Facebook.

    Both Google Ads and Twitter drew drew in some hits. I've got Google Ads running on its own at the moment had around 98 clicks so far to the site but unfortunately no one has signed up yet still for some reason. :(

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      That's a pity. But it happens. Not every product can be advertised via Facebook and Google.

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    I wish to use Twitter adds but Ukrainian cards are blocked! such a pitty case

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      You could try Payoneer or Skrill, as well as Revolut

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      Hi Lisa,

      We met in person in Kyiv a year ago at the ProductHunt event at MacPaw's office.
      I can invite our CEO @Nazar488 maybe he can help you on how to pay for twitter ads.


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        Well, we do not use Ukrainian cards :)

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          Payoneer or Yandex Virtual Card?

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            I think someone from my team should have Payoneer. Thanks for the tip 😏

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              You are welcome
              You can get it in 2 week for free.

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    If your target audience is "developers that recently launched a project" I might have an alternative advertising channel for you. I can pitch your project to 200 founders

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      Can you please show me the list of founders you can introduce us to?

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        OK, I've just send you a chat message on your website.

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