November 23, 2020

Validated on Reddit

Artem Smirnov @uluhonolulu

I was thinking about the idea for some days, but I recently ditched my other idea (Startab) and decided to give this one a try. So, I spent ~2h figuring out how Chrome extensions work and finally decided that it's possible.

Then I wrote it to /r/SideProject/ and the next morning I saw 36 upvotes and 6 comments. I think I might finally have a good idea.

I still want to play with it a little, maybe create a PoC and make some screenshots, before putting up a landing page.

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    Good idea to create screenshots. I got good feedback without writing any code by posting mockups in the subreddit where potential customers hang out (very specific to the app). They told me which features are the most important and a bunch of people asked to help with testing.

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    Congrat on you upvote and response.

    Here's my 2 cents: keep in mind /r/SideProject is a very very friendly sub. I shared my project there multiple times. And the sub has been always kind. I see it more like Indiehacker community where people are trying to support one another.

    The next step if you want to validate more is to narrow down the target more specific, more consumer focus. In terms of Reddit, that'd be r/SoftwareEngineer, r/marketer, or whichever your niche would be.

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      I thought about narrowing down, and it's kinda hard because we all suffer from too many subscriptions it seems. My first idea was to use GMail ads (never used them before) and target people who tend to subscribe to free ebooks and webinars. If I get the landing page out before the end of the week, I might target "Black Friday".

      On the other hand, I'm quite new to Reddit (don't laugh), and I might find something there as well. Who do you think subscribe to the most newsletters?

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        haha. Shame on you! I only started using Reddit after I made my product 2 years ago too really. But I've seen successful entrepreneurs start out that way (especially engineers) so I think it's fine.

        I know newsletter is popular now. But I don't use it. Anyway, good luck with your Black Friday launch!

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    Try to get money instead of upvotes. That's a better measure of validation.

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      Good point. But I'd feel better if I try to get money at least showing people a prototype. Now I have the motivation for creating it.

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        Understandable. Plus sometimes we need to experience things for ourselves.

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    Good one @uluhonolulu if perhaps you need help writing the landing page, shoot me a DM and lets talk.