Dev Concepts Week 37 Update

Hello there!

This week felt GOOD. I could finally get back into writing mode without interrupts, and without stress thinking about the floods around here in Belgium.

I've also resumed my morning writing ritual/routine, which also helped a lot. Waking up much earlier is tough for the first few days, but after a week I already feel much better. I also wrote a lot more and wasn't distracted.

I continued working on the Architecture volume and completed the section about protocols and HTTP. After that, I wrote about WebSockets and its pros and cons. Finally, I've started the application integration section, and started explaining Message Queues.

Once I'm done with application integration, (probably in ~2 weeks), I'll dive into data architecture, talking about data modeling, data storage, integration, and analytics. Tons of concepts to explain there!

I've also started publishing content taken out of the first volume to Medium and on my blog. So far, I've published two articles:


I plan on publishing 1-2 such articles each week. My rough estimate is that there's enough content in the first volume to publish ~100 articles (probably more depending on how I organize the publication).

My goal here is to get my content in front of more people, helping them along the way, and hopefully letting them discover Dev Concepts. This should also contribute to help me grow a larger audience, interested in the things I'm writing about.

There were ~73 visits on the landing page this past week, which is quite nice, with an average engagement time of 16 seconds. Cool!

Next week, I'll split up my time in two; half for the marketing copy, and the other for writing. I should soon start working with the designer, so I need to know what text to include in the new version.

See you next week!

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