December 4, 2019

Developer Select is live!

Jim Pusateri @jpusateri

It's still very much a 'do the things by hand' approach right now, but I'm calling these doors officially opened.

I'll be building some new things as I go, and manually handling billing and customer management for now. I'm not entirely sure which data points are most appropriate in filtering potential clients so I'm starting out with hunches and the like. Focusing my fire for now at people and companies I know are looking for developers but who are likely to actually only need developMENT. Those who perhaps shouldn't be expanding their employee roster and management overhead when all they need is some support and low level development.

IH exclusive discount!

  • We can develop in a range of languages but .NET is out bread and butter. So I'm offering 50% discount on up to 5 units per month for the life of your account if you reach out and start with us by 31 January 2020.

I'm excited by the idea, and I already have some good leads, now I just have to do the leg work and close the first client...then the next...then the next.

Feedback from IH as always is appreciated.

Cheers all and WISH ME LUCK!
Developer Select

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