November 26, 2019

Nearing Launch

Jim Pusateri @jpusateri

Been hard at work while hanging with family this week.

I have a basic site nearly ready for upload, just a few bits left to hook up. A couple things I've never really done before are happening with this one. I'm posting an intro video smack dab on the homepage, and I'm not really building a product, this is 100% a service.

I've already started the legwork to systematize my outreach and outbound sales channels, and will be experimenting in a serious way with advertising....for the first time.

Likely to share experience with LinkedIn advertising on IH in the future.

Nervous and excited, but I'm a legit SME for the intended market (businesses in need of .NET development and modernization) and I've had some experience in drumming up consulting business so I'm not going in totally blind here.

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