November 6, 2019

Interviews with diabetics

Ely Fornoville @elyfornoville

I started working on Diabetic & Me a few weeks ago. I had no clear idea what I was going to create but I wanted to give something back to the diabetes community.

I'm a type 1 for 24 years myself and I sometimes wonder how other people live with their diabetes. How do they get affected by certain foods? What type of treatment are they on? Do they suffer from anxiety? Are they happy?

The idea became more clear and I started working on a blog where I can publish interviews with people having diabetes. I worked out a first version of the interview and posted it on Reddit. I received about 25 positive answers and in the meanwhile I received 13 filled in interviews back.

Currently I am working on the website in the hope to launch a first MVP in November.

If you have diabetes or know someone that has diabetes, you can always share the current interview:

Any feedback on the interview is always appreciated.

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