April 9, 2020

Pivoted to a simpler product!

Jamil Abreu @jamil

I took the most used feature out of a previous (much more complex Slack app called Morning) and made it standalone.

Sadly, Slack didn't approve it for the app store (despite having approved the previous app with the same feature).

In any case, I'd appreciate a share here and on Product Hunt:



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    What made you do this @jamil? I only ask because we did the exact same thing with our product called PlanDrive. We took the most used feature from SiteSupervisor and made it into a standalone app called PlanDrive. It's very similar but we are noticing considerably higher take-up from less marketing. We are starting to talk directly to our customers using Intercom and found that the less complexity is more inviting and easy to get going. It's been a rollercoaster of an experience, but definitely feels like we took the right decision.

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      I came across a tweet from someone who just wanted that feature, and it had a bunch of replies of people saying the same - so I went ahead and did it. I messaged the original tweeter, and he says he'll use it this weekend. Watch out for another update :)

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        Seeing a public discussion thread on your product would be a great thing to see! Good work on identifying on what your users are talking about. Keep us posted on how it goes!

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    Seems like a cool way for managers to batch check-ins and 1:1s!

    Any idea why it wasn't approved?

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      They said:

      It does not meet the following requirement: "My app only sends direct messages or uses @channel or @here notifications when appropriate."

      It's strange because my previous app did the same thing...shrug

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        Can't you just pare down the existing app since it's already approved?

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          Good idea -- unfortunately, I removed the original app :/

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      If you have any feedback, happy to hear it!

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      Thanks so much 🙏