December 3, 2019 launched in Beta!

Andrew Rosener @domainguy

We ( team) set out to build in order to solve a problem that we, as domain brokers, faced regularly. When a startup or company approaches us about finding a domain name for their brand, we are limited (like ALL domain brokers) to the domains we are currently selling, domains we own & those domains we have access to through our existing customers.

Sometimes a domain broker will "co-broker" with another broker in order to provide a better selection to their client, but ultimately EVERYONE LOSES! The client doesn't get a holistic view of ALL the domain names that could be acquired, regardless of who the owner is, what price (if any), who the broker is, or even if it is actually listed for sale or not!

The fact is, most of our deals are for domains that were NOT listed for sale. In the Real Estate industry (and after all, domain names are "internet real estate") an off market listing is called a "Whisper Listing". These are the most sought after deals because they represent perceived exclusivity. Something important when you are spending tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to buy your company's domain name & digital brand.

DNX solves that! We have curated all of the best domain names on the planet which could be acquired...if you are the right buyer! Some of these listings are our own, some are from other brokers and many are names which you won't find for sale anywhere else due to unique and exclusive relationships with have with some of the largest corporations and domain management firms, as well as our extensive history of inquiring on the world's best domains and experience.