December 5, 2019

+ $ 1,000 New Sales in a Day

Rik Schennink @rikschennink

I've been selling plugins for a couple years now but never have I sold more than $ 750 in a single day. Yesterday thanks to selling a double team license and a couple of developer licenses sales suddenly spiked to $ 1,067 in a single day.

I've been planning to finetune the Doka license model and I might have to move this forward. The difference between the developer and a team license isn't very big at the moment (it's basically priority support) so more differentiation might push companies to team licenses more often.

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    That's amazing! Congratulations!

    Your milestone title caught my interest and when I started reading, I recognized Doka from one of the posts I've got queued up for @DailyStartupClb on Twitter. You can check out the post/date here:

    P.S. if there's a better date, please let me know, I'd be happy to adjust the schedule to fit any other marketing/sales efforts you may have planned :)

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      Thanks! Go ahead, I've got nothing special planned :-)

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      I think good polished UX does work indeed, but communicating the value (and recognising it myself) is quite a challenge :-)

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        this is a great point. Communicating the value and convincing developers to use your product is the hardest thing to do, how you did it?
        are there any books or resources to learn such a thing?

        have you ever got some negative feedback like:

        • why I buy your editor since there are free and open-source alternatives?
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          I booked a session with Pedro Cortez ( he specialises in SaaS page content. We transformed the previous content to one aimed at communicating value instead of features. I only just began adjusting the existing copy towards the new set up.

          I also work on FilePond which is an open source MIT licensed file upload library. In my opinion this does three things:

          • Creates goodwill, I'm giving something (of quality) away for free.
          • Network effect, more developers know about me / my products.
          • Makes the step towards integrating Doka a minimal 1 minute job, which makes the value of Doka even higher.

          To be honest, I haven't had any complaints in that area. Maybe the UX difference between the available open source solutions and Doka is so big that it's not really a fair comparison.

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