December 30, 2019

87.5% of Customers Renewed License

Rik Schennink @rikschennink

This month, after a year of waiting, I finally got to find out if the subscription model I choose for Doka Image Editor was going to work. The software license I sell is perpetual which means if you cancel your license you can still use the product but you no longer receive new updates and support. This had me slightly worried about the amount of potential cancellations.

I wanted to make sure that customers don't accidentally renew their license and have enough time to cancel if they wish. The Gumroad store I use to sell my software automatically sends a reminder 1 day before the subscription is renewed. In my opinion that's a very short notice. I decided to send a heads-up email 2 weeks in advance. If the customer has any questions or concerns that gives us enough time to address/discuss them.

So this month the first 16 Doka customers had the option to cancel their yearly license and fallback to the perpetual one. The numbers are in and only 2 decided to cancel.

After looking at the cancellation details, one cancelled (no reason) and the other customer was forced to cancel because of financial reasons, he was happy with the product but simply couldn't afford renewing at this time.

I'm actually quite happy with the numbers so far and am very much looking forward to see what January brings.

Happy new year to you all, here's to a fantastic 2020 🥂

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