December 2, 2019

Passed $ 5,000 Monthly Revenue

Rik Schennink @rikschennink

This month I celebrate the one year anniversary of Doka by reaching a record $ 5,285.25 of sales.

Doka licenses are based on annual subscriptions, and the first four customers that bought Doka last year also renewed their subscriptions, including those renewals November netted $ 5,482.25 in sales.

In the mean time I soft-launched the Doka for WordPress plugin that replaces the default WordPress image editor with Doka.

Plus I finally got around to building a customer portal. This will allow customers to set up automatic updates for the WordPress version and give them easier access to the latest version of Doka.


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    Your business model and execution are amazing. Love what you are doing. Congratulations on the revenue!

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    Very nice product and great landing page. I like the ability to test its features right above the fold.
    Congrats Rik!

    1. 2

      Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear that!

      1. 1

        You're very welcome buddy!

        Congrats again!

        Can I ask what have been the most valuable methods to promote Doka? What channels do you use?

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          I've published an open source file upload solution (FilePond) and it integrates seamlessly with Doka, a big portion of my customers started with FilePond and then integrated Doka for editing of images. It's been a big help.

          The launch on Product Hunt went well and I still see sales coming in with PH as referral.

          I try to do some content marketing, target keywords related to popular frameworks and image editing. In the articles I write I offer honest solutions and also present Doka as an alternative.

          That's the big 3 I think :-)

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            That is fantastic, thank you so much for your feedback.

            I love the idea of writing articles comparing the different products related to yours. It's a fantastic way to tell people about your product while offering a useful comparison at the same time :)

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    Really awesome. Wish I had a side project that needed it! Even though I don't, I just blasted it out to my LinkedIn network.

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      Thanks Sean, very much appreciated!

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    Nice work man! I always get stuck at $5,000MRR. I have done 3 businesses in my life, and all of them got stuck at $5k. I hope you don't fall into the same slump I do. Good luck, I'll be watching and cheering for you to hit 10k.

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      Thanks Shane! Fingers crossed 🤞 Hope you reach it as well! 🙌

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    Beautifully done, Rik! I can't wait to add Doka to my app.

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      Thanks man!

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    Congratulations, Rik!

    What an amazing milestone. Really, really well done!

    PS: your product page has a self-reported revenue of $4k!

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      Thanks! I fixed the revenue number :-)

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    Great work Rick, from our experience, things started to really picking up after 5K MRR! Best of luck, Sabba

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    Love the product and the onboarding!

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    Congrats! Just checked out Doka.js and it looks very nice and intuitive to use. Was looking for a similar tool so I might get a Doka.js subscription for one of my projects soon :-)

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      Awesome! 🙌

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    Wow, what a slick and amazing image editor. Congratulations, and I will certainly be looking at incorporating your solution in my own startup in the near future.

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      Thank you! Let me know when you get started!

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    Congrats! What an achievement!

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    Congratulations on hitting an amazing milestone. Doka.js looks great. Keep up the great work!

    • HY
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    That's a great achievement, also I have been following and loving this script.
    Mind sharing your top sources of converting traffic?

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      I think affiliates from open source maintainers / traffic from filepond (own open source file upload solution) are converting best. But I'm not the best at measuring things / setting up analytics and stuff, so I could be wrong.

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    Well done!

    Did they all renew, so essentially 0% logo-churn?

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    congratulations Rik! I am also in the process of building my first plugin

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      Awesome! what kind of plugin are you building?

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        It is a woocommerce reporting plugin []

        Right now in test phase.. You have been a great inspiration for me. I was looking for ways to increase exposure of my app and then I stumbled on your interview. I then explored codecanyon marketplace and was really inspired with the idea to make a plugin..

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          That is amazing and exactly how I started out, I wish you good luck!

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    Congrats Brother!

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    Congrats! So it's MRR or ARR?

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      To be honest I don't know, it's all yearly subscriptions, should I sum all months and then divide by 12 to get MRR or should I use latest month as indicator.

      1. 1

        The way to calculate MRR is to take any active subscriptions at the end of the month, if they are annual then divide by 12, if monthly just take those values and sum it up.

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          Okay, good to know! Thanks.

      2. 1

        If it's $5,000 in total for the year then it's ARR

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          Okay, I guess then it's $5,000 ARR for November.

      3. 1

        Personally I would use the latest month since you'll have annual subscriptions starting and stopping each month, and (hopefully) more starting than stopping each month.

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    Congratulations man!

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    Well done! Great achievement :)

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