November 2, 2019

Design to Code Newsletter: Adobe XD Plugin V1

Graeme @graeme

Go from Adobe XD artboards to email newsletters! Usually to build an email newsletter, you probably need a developer to code a template (or do it yourself).

This is a milestone for the 1st beta version of the Letter plugin for Adobe XD. It lets you design banners in XD, and then export them as email components that can be used in your templates. No code!

One person asked, "why don't you just export as a jpg and insert it into the email?".

  • Firstly, it sends the email component directly to Letter, so you don't have to download and host the image - it's all done in one click.

  • Secondly, Letter will convert Artboards to code, so text remains readable to screenreaders, and the layout will scale responsively to screen size. This bit is in progress 🚧 , but V1 has put the groundwork for it in place.

Overall, a major part of this version was handling authentication, so users can log into Letter from Adobe XD, and send across their designs. I'm quite happy with the progress, you can see how it works in this tweet:

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