March 26, 2020

Missed my goals, gotta keep on going!

Anatol Mayen @flexxx

Following on from my last post about in which I set up a few goals that I would have liked to have achieved in 2019, here is the result:
I wanted to go from 411 to 500 downloads and, if possible, to 9-10 paying customers. Unfortunately, this was not the case. At the end of 2019 there were 457 downloads and it remained with 6 paying customers.

Overall, I am still satisfied with the first year and hope that the use of the app continues to increase.

Let's get to 2020

Because of the holidays and the many family visits, I slowed things down a bit. But then I wasn't completely lazy. In the past few months, I've mainly worked on the possibility of synchronizing the data between different installations of the app. So that one (for example myself ;-)) does not need to manually move data between for example the iMac and MacBook Pro installations.
I also added some currencies because the available currencies were quite limited before that.
Yesterday it was time and I was able to publish a new version that featured iCloud Sync. I supported the launch with posts on Twitter and Reddit and, as it looks, it also helped with the number of downloads and access to the product website.

With this bigger chunk out of the way, I now feel like I can increase the release cycle again, as I still have a lot of functionality on my list that I would like to add. I also decided to make the vision for @evolvetracking more specific. The aim is now to expand the functionalities with useful details, so that the app becomes a freelance office software that can be classified as a "professional" solution. That simply has more functionalities to offer than other time tracking software.

Of course, this also means a lot of work that I'll still have to put into @evolvetracking. But when I think of where the app was a year ago and where it is now, I know that a lot has happened there and that motivates me to stay tuned and I am confident that over time @evolvetracking will bring value to more and more users.

That's it for now, keep on hacking and stay healthy!

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