October 29, 2019

Started work on Evolve Tracking Freelancer

Anatol Mayen @flexxx

After going back to freelancing from the co-ownership of a software agency. I had a lot of experience in dealing with clients and running a business. So I wanted to apply that knowledge also to my freelancing, so I could get off the ground fast and avoid some of the problems you eventually run into as a freelancer.

So one thing I knew was that I wouldn't be getting paid by the hours I worked but instead I would get paid for the bid I made upfront to my clients. Which basically means, that if I work longer on a project than I anticipated, the costs were on me.
I also knew that you can easily fall into some kind of self-deceiving trap were as soon as you get paid, you forgot how hard it was to get through with the project. And you think to yourself, that everything turned out good. But just because your brain starts to focus on the good things and tries to ignore the bad things in hindsight.

So I knew I needed to track my working times. Which was always something which I wasn't really consistent with in the past. Furthermore I did not only want to have a log of worked hours. I also wanted to be presented with how much money I actually made per hour per client. That information should only be one click away. Because it would be my core metric on how good work for a particular client really was (without the self-delusion).

After I couldn't find a software that looked promising to me, I started to think about creating it myself.
When I thought about it I came to the conclusion that if I, again, start working on a software for myself I should at least have the aim to get it far enough so I could release it to the public.
Because in the past I would start with a software project and just abandon it after some time. And I thought: "Not this time!" :-)

So I started working on "Evolve Tracking Freelancer" with the clear aim of shipping it to the public.

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