What I learned and end of year goals

I launched Evolve Tracking in January this year merely as something that I thought would be basically a MVP. Looking back I don't think it was really a MVP at time of launch as it probably had stuff that was not needed for basic functionality.

At the same time there were so many areas that were unpolished both from a design perspective as a well as functionality goes. I knew that, but I wanted to achieve my first goal, which was to finally ship a product that I had built myself and which was in a state that could be useful to others as well.

I started to feel a little bit embarrassed about how everything looked. I was not satisfied with the status quo that I had achieved. So I started to feel a lot of self induced pressure updating the app to make it look more polished and to add more functionality which would make the app more useful.

I'm still not done and there is still a lot of things I can do better, I also have lots of ideas for missing functionality.

But what I learned was that I need to do one step at a time and be persistent. That persistence will lead to an product that has even more features than now and will continue to have nicer looking UI. That mindset also helped me to stop putting too much pressure on myself.

Through the remainder of the year these small steps and the persistence in doing them led to an app that I can happily say looks much better now and has much more important functionality than it had at the beginning.

Right now Evolve Tracking Freelancer accumulated 411 Downloads and 6 paying subscribers.

I don't think my app will ever explode in users or something like that. But what I'm hoping for is that the user base will gradually grow, so I'm planning for the long term.

My aim for the rest of this year is to get to 500 Downloads, keep the now active subscribers and add maybe 2 or 3 more subscribers.

If that works out I'm happy and either way I will be opening a beer or two at new years eve on having achieved all the stuff I mentioned earlier.

So long and happy building!

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