October 23, 2019

107 Signups & 187 Feedback Responses!

Yash Ambardekar @yash_ambardekar

The trough of sorrow is coming...

I feel like I am experiencing the phases of this product at light speed--it's not a new feeling, because I have been through these phases with my other ventures, but honestly never this quickly.


I only started coding https://explainmyproduct.com on Saturday and bought the domain for this product on Friday. I didn't prepare, and launched on Product Hunt on Monday--I am currently at 184 upvotes and finished as the #11 product for the day.


The concept has resonated with a lot of people and the response has been phenomenal. People quickly grasp the value, and the signups and quality feedback that people are receiving is proof that the model works...(if I have a steady stream of traffic). The point is, I feel very confident that people are getting value from this.


Now, on Monday and yesterday, I was riding high--I was getting a consistent stream of signups (website owners listing their sites for feedback) as well as a consistent stream of feedback responses for those website owners. I even got my first paid, promoted site that signed up to get a guaranteed number of feedback responses and he hit that limit within 12 hours (36 hours faster than expected).

But now that launch day has come and gone, and PH hides products below the #10 spot under the "Show More" accordion, my traffic has been completely decimated.


How do I set up the mechanism to build that steady stream of traffic rather than the spikes from announcements?

If I can solve this, I think this product will actually be a relatively self-sustaining, valuable resource for startup founders and marketers alike.

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