October 22, 2019

Stats after 1 Day (and a quarter) On Product Hunt

Yash Ambardekar @yash_ambardekar

In case you're curious how it panned out:

  • Made it above the "show more" accordion on PH front page yesterday
  • 82 sites listed for review
  • 140 pieces of feedback given for sites (roughly 80% of the feedback is high quality)
  • 2 inquiries for paid, accelerated feedback capture
  • 1st paying customer from the 2 inquiries above
  • 1st paying customer requested 20 response package, and just over night has about 13 pieces of feedback towards the 20 he paid for.

I'm very pleased with this, especially because it is my first solo PH launch, and I really didn't prep for it--I didn't line up friends to upvote, and even once I did launch I only shared on LinkedIn and here. I was more interested in seeing how it did without a lot of the inorganic upvotes from friends/family and really happy with the results.

Let me know if you have any questions!