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Just launched Failory 3.0!

After 4 weeks of work, we've just launched Failory 3.0, with a completely new design, structure, and two new projects:

  • Amazon Cemetery: Where we analyze Amazon's +50 biggest failures.
  • Tools: A collection of +80 tools for startup founders.

This was a much-needed re-design. The previous website had an unorganized structure, colors that made the reading hard, and pages that took too long to load, among other issues.

This new website aims to solve all these, as well as put a bigger emphasis on our newsletter and digital products. I have the goal of growing Failory's revenue to $10k/mo this year, so this is an important step towards it.

The website has been built 100% without code, using Webflow and Jetboost. In some parts, I've also used Placid.app, Typeform and Zapier.

And as it couldn't be otherwise, we're currently featured on Product Hunt!


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    It's been awesome to watch how this re-design has come together. Huge congrats on the launch @nicocerdeira! 🎉

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