January 13, 2021

$1000+ Slow & Steady win the race

Fajar Siddiq 👨🏻‍💻🇸🇬🏝️ @fajarsiddiq

Fajar Siddiq As A Service has grown. FAAS. Reach $1K! let’s go for more - Productized Yourself 💜 - https://fajarsiddiq.com/open

Mainly goal is to help other people: hunting tipping, feedback/reviews, building brand for others & get others job.

I can use the money to pay bills, shop some important stuff, save money, and let’s do better in Dec-Jan 2021!

I’m still managing my business to do better and pivoting some new ideas while learning more about software engineering, learning to code.

I still have things on the side and still working on them https://fajarsiddiq.com/microstartups