500$ MRR 🤯

Hello dear IndieHackers,

a sign of life from me 👋

Yes my product is alive and it is being developed further. However, this year has been an up and down in terms of product development. At the beginning of the year I developed many new things for the app. However, after that I didn't do anything for 3 months because I completed further training in Microsoft Azure for my main job. This took longer and required more energy than expected. It is something I am struggling with a lot. On the one hand, I want to invest a lot of time in my app because I see potential in it, but I also don't want to put all my eggs in one basket and develop myself further in my main job. A battle on several fronts...how do you deal with it?

Here is a short summary about the current status

🥳 Since January, I have always earned at least $500 per month from my app. Even if the app still has many construction sites and many important functions are missing, it shows me that there is a market and the concept works. It's exciting to imagine where this could go if I focuse on just this one thing. 🤯

🏭In order to make greater progress now, I have adjusted my development strategy. In the past, I mostly implemented smaller things and released them quickly via an app update. But I have to take care of the big issues in order to grow further. Once these issues are closed, I can return to a more agile development model with faster updates. I am currently working on a major update with over 50 new features and improvements, which will hopefully be released in early August.

Product development continues to be where 95% of my time goes. Since my download numbers are already quite good from the current point of view, marketing activities are not necessary. However, my customer retention rate is quite poor, which I can improve with a better product.

It would be a lot of fun for me to get more involved in marketing and sometimes I even tempt myself to do so, but then I have to hold back, because first the app as such has to get better.

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