December 4, 2019

Almost 500 users in the first week!

Tom Langridge @Ridge

This post is a few days overdue, we launched on November 20th and we've signed up exactly 520 users since then as of this post.

For the first two days we were trending on Product Hunt and Hacker News, so a majority of our new users came from those two venues. As a result, we captured some interesting anecdotal data based on users who've signed up since then. There's no doubt some bias in the data due to our association with MediaFire but still, here it is.

Storage Provider breakdown of our first users:

Google Drive: 42%

GitHub: 28%

MediaFire: 10%

Dropbox: 10%

OneDrive: 8%

Box: 2%

(forgive the formatting, I'm not sure how to do anything other than plain text in here)

About 10% of those users are still active as of today, I think that's actually not bad but I think we could be doing more to re-engage users after signup - better email onboarding and remarketing is on my to-do list for today.

We've also had a premium conversion rate of 1% since we launched, which again, I believe could be better, perhaps we're giving away too much for free. Our sales funnel is not very mature yet so we'll be spending more time on improving it and testing alternative messaging and paid advertising targeted at several use cases that we've seen users exploring based on our conversations with early enthusiastic users and our analytics data.

Some of my favorite tweets from our launch users:

"⚡️ Just tried & deployed
in just 2mins!
Mind-blowing fast deploy! -
💻 Can't believe the future of static site is here.
😎 You can add other cloud provider:
@googledrive @Dropbox @onedrive and many more."

"literally 2 days ago I've been looking for cheap CDN and everything was starting with ~50$/month which is a lot if you want to use just a fraction of bandwidth and storage - big upvote for this one"

"Amazing! Firebase only has 20+ server locations so is really ahead here. Looking forward to the Akamai deployment!"

Also on our agenda - maybe we can come up with a better tag line "Simple Enterprise File Hosting" might be a little too abstract? Any suggestions for a better one?

Okay, that's enough for now! Back to work!

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