November 20, 2019

Launch Day! We're live on Product Hunt!

Tom Langridge @Ridge

We're excited to be officially launching today!

Our platform is a solution for designers, developers, and marketers looking to automate everything needed to host and track files and static websites at an enterprise scale.

We developed because we recognized that the process of deploying static content today is complicated and time-consuming. Solutions like S3 require manual uploading, a separate CDN configuration, a manual review of raw data logs, and tedious cache flushing each time you make an update.

We want to get content online quickly with the simplicity and ease of use of cloud storage without sacrificing the reliable scalability and performance of a CDN tightly integrates with your current workflows and preferred cloud storage service (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, MediaFire, Box, and GitHub) to manage files. It includes an integrated CDN, using CloudFlare and Akamai for lightning-fast global deploys, a visual dashboard, and detailed, accurate analytics data sent to Google Analytics and Mixpanel.

We’d love for you to check it out and we appreciate any and all feedback -

If you’re curious about more of the benefits and features of, here is an overview of what our simple enterprise file distribution network delivers:

  • Free Features -
    Continuous integration from cloud storage or version control
    Files up to 500MB each
    100GB free transfer per month
    Foolproof Analytics collected directly on the CDN
    Custom domains and free included SSL (HTTPS)
    Automatic updates and global deployment from cloud storage or version control
    Automatic image optimization
    Automatic code minification
    Automatic directory listings
    Slack integration

  • Premium Features -
    Files up to 1GB each
    200GB free transfer per month
    $0.06 per GB additional transfer
    Password protection
    Custom error pages

  • Business Features -
    Files up to 20GB each
    500GB free transfer per month
    $0.05 per GB additional transfer

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