January 13, 2020

Grinding TDlib and wrong architecture

Igor Kononuchenko @kigorw
  • learned how to extract needed information using TDlib (not an easy lib to work with when you are new to it)
  • made an MVP on top of AWS lambdas that check periodically new messages
  • created mocks of UI that should configure filters

So I made a working version. And then I understood that I don't like how product works: I don't like a minute delay between posted and forwared message. I also didn't like that cost for many users on top of lambdas would be too high. I also didn't like that node.js don't support multi-threading and can't launch several TDlib instances.

I decided to make a server that holds all TDlib processes. It had to be a JVM (Java) based solution as Java has the best integration with TDlib.