December 27, 2019

$20k MRR in less than a year

Alex Goldberg @arg83191

Santa didn't forget about us this year; he merely came a day late.

Today our site was featured on Side Hustle Nation -- one of my favorite podcasts of all-time! 🙌Listen to our episode to learn how my partner and I built a modern review site from $0 to $20k/month in revenue in less than a year:

In the interview, we discuss:

  • Why we initially decided to start an affiliate site in the first place
  • How we come up with unique, low-competition content ideas
  • How we structure content, both for robots and humans
  • Ways to form lucrative, enduring relationships with brands
  • Effective on-page SEO tactics to win featured snippets
  • How we split our time and responsibilities as business partners
  • Our #1 tip for success growing a side hustle

I hope that our story is helpful to others, and for those currently employed full-time, that 2020 be the year your side hustle blossoms into something bigger than you could've possibly imagined.

Happy new year! 🎉

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    Growth hacker here, i Would like to help you grow your revenue if you are interested lets connect