January 25, 2021

Launched landing page

Vasanth S @vasanth7781

After developing some couple of weekends we have launched the landing page for Fireapis

Even though we've been working on the Fireapis core app ,We wanted a place we could send people to find out more about what we are building and where they could sign up to be notified when it's released.

Fire apis - https://fireapis.com/

Today's Top Milestones
  • 🎉 1500 users!!
    We crossed 1500 users this morning. CMO was out for the whole month too with urgent issues he needed to address with his house, so I'm proud I was abl
  • Made an animation to celebrate the last challenge
    We finished the 10-day Econub challenge two days ago, and to celebrate it, I made a short animation in Procreate with Nub (our character) biking throu
  • Launching Tomorrow
    Completed code for allowing users to query across multiple types of tabular data with SQL such as Google Sheets and Airtable. Writing up a launch plan
  • Leaving Ever Arcane Inc.
    It's always difficult to know when to move on. It's time to move on. Submitted my Resignation today. I have a first-hand understanding as to why VCs u
  • MVP complete
    Finally got the MVP to a point I feel (uncomfortably) comfortable to share it: https://listlinks.co/ There's still a lot to do but it's now possible t
  • Userveys is on Betalist!
    Userveys is on Betalist today. It has already provided double the number of beta signups in just a few short hours! Additionally, it put me in a rush
  • A new Name & Domain for Inoryum Themes
    Hello IndieHackers, We have came up with a decision to have a new name & domain for the Ghost themes that we build. Currently the ghost theme store si
  • The landing page is live!
    After deploying the latest commit on netlify we have reached to point of no return :). We are live! luumy.io is ready to be your next feedback widget!
  • If you're curious how we went from 0 - 10k in MRR
    For every business that's made it this far, there's a story to how they got there. I've read dozens of these and found them infuriating. I hope this o
  • What is Form Analytics
    Successful businesses don’t just luck out. They relentlessly improve their product or service, processes, and customer experience according to data an