September 3, 2019

1st Paying Customer!!!

Hossein Shams @hosshams

One of Formito's beta testers has upgraded from Free plan to the Lite plan a few hours ago. That means we're at $18 MRR right now.

It was an amazing feeling seeing an uptick in the live mode dashboard of Stripe. Right at the time I needed it!

Now spending more time on the product and marketing doesn't make me feel I'm wasting my time.

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    Nice!!! First of many. Site looks great and I like the idea - I had seen something similar a while back and always thought a more contextual approach to those chat bubbles was a good idea.

    1. 1

      Thanks. Yeah, I saw some chatbots focusing on niche market such as integrating with Shopify to make an order or check the status of an order. I thought to be in support context and implemented an integration for Zendesk, but I shifted toward a more general market; building chat-style forms.

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    Great job! Did you track how you got this paying user?

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      Not actually. But I guess he found Formito from my other website — since he's one of the early adapters. Back then I was developing the product and wasn't talking about it anywhere.

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        You should spend some time to try to talk with this user to gather as many pieces of information as possible. I'm 100% confident this could be very valuable for you.

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          Sure, I'm aware of that and I sent direct email to first 150 users and I only got back from I guess less than 10 people. Based on this less than 1% response rate, I guess most of emails went to promotion tab or spam folder! I wrote to this specific user as well and he didn't respond to my email. Talking to users wasn't time-wise task for me. So I automate it by sending a welcome email at registration day and a follow up email and asking about their experience 7 days after registration.

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    Well done. Your app looks great

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