A Killer Landing Page for Freebies.ByPeople

We're still working on the cleanest & functional layout possible:

📜 In our site bypeople.com we professionally curate freebies (resources & tools) on a daily-basis, to help designers & developers in their own work.

⭐ We decided to create freebies.bypeople.com as a side project to collect and classify the best free-for-commercial resources in only one site. We got icons, fonts, code plugins, UI kits, web templates, web tools and much more.

The deal now, according to the feedback that we have received so far:

🔴 Reducing the difference between our landing sub-domain freebies.bypeople and the product's pages hosted on the main site bypeople.com Some people has make us notice that they're currently looking like different services.

There's no more than saying that all the feedback will be completely well received and appreciated, most of our most important teachings have come from people round the internet with the aim of anonymously help :)

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