Live on Designer News

So, another chance to show-up Freebies.ByPeople on a massive community of UX/UI designers and hardcore product makers (I know there's a lot of them on DN) and the site broke down!! Haha, D4mmmmn boy!!!! 😡

I worked all-of-the morning with my dev crew trying to find out what might have happened, all with the pressure of seeing the post reaching one of the top positions of the day!! 😟😱

Almost one hour later we're happily ON THE AIR again... 😅
A tough morning, but also a good one, since our unexpected SSL conflict was finally sorted out.

So if you happen to be also on Designer News and check the stories today, I'll appreciate a lot that you join the conversation over Freebies.ByPeople 👊😉

This is a site made on a daily effort; YOU CAN BET 😆😌

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