September 2, 2019

Lazy networkers's favorite app just got a facelift

Fabien Herfray @FabienHerfray

Disclaimer: I have got no data underpinning the statement made in the headline of this post :)

I was finally able to release Frenl last week after quite a bit of work spent on it. From the feedback I got on IH, I instantly I realized that something was wrong.

My sign up flow was a catastrophe and pretty much nobody could even understand how to join. It was a big form on the landing page where I was asking all kind of information about the user, followed by a small sign up form, with a separation between the two.

Rookie mistakes:

  • The form was too big and it seemed like too much work to join the platform.
  • The separation between the two forms made it unclear that the user profile would be saved when validating the sign up form.

From there, I followed what indie hackers told me to do and started to convert my form to more of an interview kind of thing. But something was really hard: I had to choose what data I would ask in the "interview" and I couldn't decide.
When trying it, it was just too boring. Not much better than the old big form.

Then I noticed that one of the field of the form was getting more attention than the others: the Traits. These are a few stereotypical qualities that people found a bit funny.
So I decided to try to go full steam in that direction and replaced the whole landing page with a trait selector.

I just released it and I would love to get on feedback on it :)
Thank you!

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