August 4, 2020

Hit $2k MRR

Stefan Vetter @StefanVetter

In July, our monthly recurring revenue (MRR) increased by 27% to over CHF $2,147.

For the first time, we also share our costs in our open startup report: they amounted to $6,435 – not including my own working time.

This means that Friendly is currently still operating at a loss of $4,289. Our next goal is to reach the profitability threshold as soon as possible.

There was a lot more going on in July - such as a viral blog post, and almost 150k emails sent - more about this you can read in this article:

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    Just curious, why are you burning through 4k a month? Is it mostly ads?

    1. 4

      Great question. It's salary. In June I hired our first full time employee. We hardly place any ads.

      1. 1

        What did you hire out and what do you still do yourself?

        1. 1

          I hired our CTO for handling all the infrastructure and development part. He's also helping with customer support and marketing. I focus on marketing, sales and strategy now.

      2. 1

        oh sweet, congrats 🎉

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    Stefan - great post and nice traction! Just sent you a note on LinkedIn.

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    well done, congratulations

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    fantastic work! keep going! this is so great!

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    Congrats 🍾 That’s some nice growth right there!
    Been following the journey since the end of July, gives great motivation!

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      Thank you so much Oskar for your kind words and the support :)

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    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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      This number is the emails we sent on behalf of our customers with our marketing automation software, Friendly Automate:

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